Create seamless student, parent and staff experiences with WhatsApp.

Make yourself available on the world's most popular messaging app, and bring your educational institution into the new digital age with Quickdialog's AI powered WhatsApp solution.

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WhatsApp Solution for higher educationWhatsApp Solution for higher education
Educational Institutions Use Cases

Unlocking the power of WhatsApp for Educational Institutions

Keep students, staff and parents up-to-date

With personalised, Rich Media enabled, WhatsApp newsletters or marketing campaigns, you can keep your stakeholders up-to-date on events, instutional news and more at scale.

WhatsApp Solution for higher education

Create and manage WhatsApp Communities amongst students and staff

Create and manage WhatsApp communities of students, parents or staff where information can be shared and engagement enabled.

WhatsApp Solution for higher education

Use AI to automate your student support

Optimise your student support with AI and benefit
from cost and process efficiencies in addition to
improve student satisfaction.

WhatsApp Solution for higher education

Build individual student and staff profiles including admission stage, course and more.

Create a database of students, parents and staff so agents have immediate context into who they are speaking to.

WhatsApp Solution for higher education

Transforming the education industry with AI powered WhatsApp conversations

Quickdialog's AI powered WhatsApp Marketing platform has all the tool your educational institutions needs to build a presence on the world's most popular messaging app. Reach the right students with precision. Send tailored messages, offers, and updates to specific groups or individuals, boosting engagement and enrolment rates.

International reach

Share one WhatsApp number across multiple team members, ensuring knowledge remains within your institution.

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AI-Powered virtual agents

Quickly respond to student messages through a WhatsApp chatbot using either AI or multiple choice workflows.

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WhatsApp Marketing Manager

Drive student engagement and admission through creating personalised WhatsApp campaigns at scale.

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