All your channels, managed in one shared view

Simplify your workflow by consolidating all customer messages in a
single, shared inbox. Our platform integrates seamlessly with multiple
channels, including email, live chat, WhatsApp and more.

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Multiple Agents, One inbox

Collaboration Made Easy

Enhance team collaboration by assigning, tagging, and collaborating on customer conversations. With Quickdialog's Shared Inbox, your team can work together, ensuring no inquiry slips through the cracks. Leave internal notes, share insights, and delegate tasks effortlessly to provide consistent and seamless support.

Omnichannel Inbox

Streamline your customer interactions with Quickdialog's shared inbox. Centralize, manage, and engage across multiple channels effortlessly.

Conversation Tagging

Organize and optimize conversations with Intelligent Tagging. Unlock insights, enhance efficiency, and take control of your customer interactions.


Uncover actionable insights with
advanced conversation analytics.
Gain deep understanding, optimize
performance,and drive business growth.

Automatic Assignment

Automate assigment based on conversation topic, tag or theme

Automate repetitive tasks, such as tagging or assigning messages, and integrate with CRM or helpdesk systems to synchronize customer data. Boost efficiency, save time, and ensure a seamless flow of information across your organization.

Automatic Assignment

Automatically assign conversations to
agents based on category or tags.

Customer Timeline

Track all customer behavioural events along
the customer journey in a visualised
customer journey timeline including
conversation and purchase

360 Customer Profile

Allow your agents to have immediate
context into every conversations through
Quickdialog's 360 customer view.

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