Create the extra help you need with AI virtual agents

With our AI-Powered Virtual Agents, you can provide instant
assistance, personalized recommendations, and prompt
resolutions to your customers' queries. Say goodbye to long
wait times and hello to intelligent conversations that drive
customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Drive business performance with AI powered conversations

Combine the power of artificial intelligence with human-like interactions to deliver unmatched customer experiences across customer
support, engagement and commerce channels. AI-powered virtual agents are available 24/7, ready to engage with your customers instantly. Powered by advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, they can understand customer intent and provide accurate, relevant answers, just like a human agent would.

Reduce response time,  save costs

Balance AI and human interaction
across all messaging channels
enabled with intelligent 
bot-to-human handover to make
sure no query goes unsolved.

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Convert conversations
into sales

Virtual agents analyze customer preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior to provide tailored suggestions that drive conversions & customer satisfaction.

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Drive NPS and customer experience

AI-Powered Virtual Agents seamlessly integrate across multiple channels, delivering consistent & personalized support wherever your customers are.

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AI Virtual Agents Features

Conversational AI, across all channels

Intelligent, AI powered support experiences

Say no to unhelpful bots whose intelligence is no able to help with even basic queries. Quickdialog's virtual agents automatically recognise your customer's intent and reply with the most appropriate solution.

Automate processes through integration with your system

The most common bots simply response with instructions or pre defined text. Quickdialog's virtual agents actually perform actions such as Return Order, Check Status, Recommendations and much more.

Intelligent bot-to-human handover

Combine AI intelligence witha human
touch through Quickdialog's Intelligent
bot-to-human handover, ensuring a
personalisedd, efficient and memorable
customer experience.

AI powered conversations across all channels

Deploy AI powered virtual agents across Messenger,
WhatsApp, Live Chat and more in a click of button
ensuring no conversation is left unanswered.

AI Powered web chat

Create great customer experiences with Conversational AI

Make it easy for your customers to resolve issues quickly
and efficiently with AI powered conversational virtual agents.
Deploy virtual agents that can actually perform actions such 
as return items, provide delivery tracking links, recommend
similar items and more.