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Turn your messaging channels into points of sale

Seamlessly integrate messaging channels, such as SMS, WhatsApp,
and live chat, into your sales process. Say goodbye to traditional sales
funnels and hello to personalized, real-time conversations that lead to
higher conversions and customer satisfaction.

Delivering exceptional shopping experiences across all touchpoints

With an increasing number of customers wanting to shop on their phones, messaging channels have become the main channel for browsing and shopping for products. Quickdialog makes it easy for you to capture your customers' attention and guide them through their buying journey with interactive conversations. Our platform enables you to deliver personalized product recommendations, answer questions, and overcome objections in real-time, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

Turn conversations into sales at scale

Let AI-powered Virtual Agents offer
advise, recommend products and sell
to your customers at scale with no
human input.

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Drive new leads and increase conversion

Allow prospects and existing customers to browse and purchase products automatically using Quickdialog's conversational commerce capabilities.

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Drive NPS and customer experience

Drive great customer experiences through personalised visual conversations, immediate first response time and omni-channel conversations.

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Platform Features

AI powered Conversational Commerce, at scale

AI powered recommendations

Leverage customer data and behavior to deliver tailored product recommendations across all messaging channels.

Your ultimate companion for seamless commerce

With advanced artificial intelligence capabilities,
our virtual agent revolutionizes the way you engage
with customers, ensuring exceptional shopping
experiences at every touchpoint.

WhatsApp Campaign Manager

Use Quickdialog's WhatsApp Campaign Manager to deliver
tailored promotions, exclusive offers, and personalized
recommendations, creating a delightful and customized
shopping experience for your customers.

Introducing WhatsApp Campaign Manager

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