Deliver immediate customer
service with AI powered web chat

Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to real-time,
intelligent conversations that ensure customer satisfaction
and drive loyalty.

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Deliver always-on, AI powered assistance on your website

Customers don't adhere to traditional working hours, and neither should your support. Introduce AI-Powered Webchat and make your company available round the clock, ensuring your customers receive assistance whenever they need it. Enhance customer satisfaction by providing timely support even outside regular business hours.

Reduce response time, and save costs

As your business grows, our AI-Powered Webchat scales effortlessly. By automating routine tasks, you can reduce support costs while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Drive new leads and increase conversion

Allow prospects and existing customers to browse and purchase products automatically using Quickdialog's conversational commerce capabilities.

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Drive NPS and customer experience

Drive great customer experiences through personalised visual conversations, immediate first response time and omni-channel conversations.

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AI Powered live chat

Deploy sophisticated AI virtual agents

While our AI chatbot handles routine inquiries, it
seamlessly transitions to human agents when
complex issues arise. Our platform enables smooth
handoffs between AI and human support, ensuring
a seamless customer experience and allowing
agents to focus on more challenging customer


Integrated live chat on 20+ website builders or custom apps.

Quickdialog's web chat capability can be added to any website or custom application to ensure immediate AI supported responses to customer queries.

WhatsApp For Business Features

One WhatsApp Platform Customer Support, Commerce and Marketing

WhatsApp Campaign Mananger

Create personalised WhatsApp template messages using transactional, demographic or custom customer attributes.

Create granluar WhatsApp campaign audiences

Segment your customer base into granular audiences to deliver truly personalised 1-1 customer experiences.

WhatsApp AI powered virtual agents

Let AI powered virtual agents deal with common queries, and leverage intelligent bot-to-human handover when human support is needed.

AI powered WhatsApp knowledge base.

Automate customer support queries through
building a WhatsApp powered knowledge base.
Enabled with intelligent bot-to-human handover.