AI powered customer support across all channels

Deliver always-on customer support across all channels and benefit from improved NPS, reduced costs and increased efficiency through Quickdialog's AI powered customer support solution.

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AI powered, omnichannel customer service

Make you brand available on the your customer's preferred channels and deliver immediate, contextual and personalised customer service. Empower your agents with a user-friendy, intuitive and AI powered platform where they can managed conversations and queries across all channels from one place.

Reduce Case Resolution Time

Messaging apps are your customers channel of choice and making yourself available on them will drive more conversations, more sales and quicker issue resolutions.

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Modern service across all channels

Remove the need to manage different
platforms and manage all channel
interactions from one intuitive
AI driven platform.

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80% increase in satisfaction

Build lifelong customer relationships with immediate, contextual conversations on the channels your customers operate on.

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Customer Support Platform

All your customer support needs, managed through one platform

Become truly omnichannel

Offer a truly omnichannel experience by managing conversations across messaging channels, social media, live chat and email from one AI powered platform.

Combine AI virtual agents with human interaction

Save costs and create great personalised experiences through combining AI and human interaction through deploying conversational AI powered virtual agents across customer support channels.

A 360 view of your customer available instantly

Automatically give your agents all the context they need to provide great experiences through a 360 customer profile that includes transactional, engagement and custom variables.

All conversations, one intelligent shared inbox

Automated conversation assignment, tagging
and categorisation with one intuitive AI powered
shared inbox.

Customer Support Features

Spend more time fostering great customer relationships, and less time on repetitive tasks

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Messaging Apps & Live Chat

All digital channels including WhatsApp, live chat,
Messenger, Twitter, email and more managed
through one intuitive platform.

Customer Journey Timeline

Track all customer behavioural events along the
customer journey in a visualised customer journey
timeline including conversation and purchase

360 Customer Profile

Allow your agents to have immediate context
into every conversations through Quickdialog's
360 customer view.

CRM Integration

Integrate with your CRM to enrich your customer
view, and automatically update CRM data points.

AI powered virtual agents

Quickly respond to customer conversations
across all channels through NLP powered virtual
agents. Use AI powered virtual agents to deal with
your most common queries and actions, and
benefit from intelligent bot-to-human handover
when required.

Shared Inbox

Create team efficiency and collaboration through
intuitive private and shared inboxes. Assign, tag
and prioritise conversations to your needs.

Analytics Dashboard

Analyse agent, customer and conversation
data through intiutive and easily accessible


Automate conversation assignment, tagging and
categorisation so your agents have more time to
create great customer experiences.